Mac Facts

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  1. The Mac doesn't need power, it runs with cosmic energy.
  2. At night the Mac flies to the moon and back. But why? Because it is able to.
  3. On the touchpad of the Mac you cannot click - the Mac clicks for you.
  4. The haptcis of the Mac are better than those of pure silk.
  5. The 'i' common for all Mac products stands for impossible.
  6. The harddrive of the Mac stores the whole Internet.
  7. The Mac is able to address more than 4 GB with 32 bit.
  8. The display of the Mac shines brighter than the sun.
  9. The next iMac will have a 102" display.
  10. The Emirates Palace Hotel serves food on iPads.
  11. A legend tells that you can use the iPhone as a phone.
  12. Adam bit the piece off the apple.
  13. The iBook is readable.
  14. The Introduction of the Mac mini was the invention of the Nanotechnology.
  15. If you throw the Mac out of the window, it comes back like a boomerang.
  16. The tears of Steve Jobs can be ground to a powder as depicted here.
  17. The BigMac was planned to be a computer with the shape of a burger. But the hardware was replaced by patties.
  18. Acts of god will render the guarantee of a MacBook invalid.
  19. Attention: When a strong wind occurs, the MacBook Air often flies away like a leaf in the wind.
  20. God wanted to destroy the MacBook but the MacBook compensated the energy by bundling it into the Thunderbolt.
  21. The Mac can be integrated into the network by a wireless cable.
  22. The Mac is able to perform a roundhouse-kick.
  23. The Mac is broken. But he is getting better now.